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Apsis Online is a classic roguelike based on the First Paradise series. The game is presented as a series of both multiplayer and single-player "sequences" set in a hard science­-fiction universe.

First Paradise: Sequence 1

While coasting along the silver skirt of a star system aboard a survey ship, you and your crew discover something extraordinary. This discovery serves as a catalyst for the brimming emotional turmoil to follow shortly thereafter.  As the crew succumbs to bouts of depression and home-sickness in an artificial environment, eventually they begin to deconstruct the meaning of life and its  relevance to machines.

Trapped in-between their goal and the many worlds that represent home; First Paradise takes place hundreds of years from today. Its story told between distant planets by distant people. All seen through an ascii/unicode interface and volumes of interactive-text sequences. This is the story of a post-human's spiral towards catatonia in the vast emptiness of interstellar space.

Release Date: April 20, 2014

Publisher: Gnovahex Computing

First Paradise: Voyagers (Apsis Online)

Apsis Online is a minimalist science-fiction sandbox ASCII MMO.

Release Schedule:

  • Q4 2017 (closed v0.8)
  • Q3 2018 (delayed)
  • Jan 2019 (public)
  • Feb 2019 (closed)


Voyager Mode, Bugs & Life

First Paradise: Exertion


Post-Surgical Wetware Rejection Syndrome

Notes From The Voyage: Sequence 1



Hosted at the:

Disclaimer: First Paradise/Apsis Online is an ongoing project which means there may be occasionally be minor bugs in the software. If you find any, feel free to report the issue via the @space forums in-game.

Install instructions

Requires ncurses to run.

Running First Paradise (standalone)


1) Download first-paradise-4.5.tar.gz from host.

2) Navigate to your "Downloads" folder to extract the build.

2) Open your terminal of choice (Xterm recommended)

3) enter: cd ~/Downloads/first-paradise-4.5

4) enter: ./FirstParadise

5) voila, enjoy!


1) Download first-paradise-4.7.zip from host.

2) Navigate to your "Downloads" folder to extract the build.

3) Open extracted folder

4) Run the executable, voila!


Voyagers Handbook Vol.1 (First Edition) 1 MB
PlayAO.zip 1 MB

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